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Company Profile:

As a branch company of Longchang animal health care products group, HuaRui Animal Husbandry was build since 2012, We have used our technical expertise to supply our customers with high-quality feed supplements products. As a strategic supplying partner, we continue to help our customers create and deliver nutritional solutions for high performance. We specialize in the global Manufacture and supply of Feed Ingredients Antisepsis and Freshness, Feed Additives, Specialty Feed Additives, Bird Food Ingredients, Fertilizers. As an essential service, We are committed to serving the (Poultry farming, Feedmill, Aquaculture, Animal husbandry, Fertilizers).a leading manufacturer of organic acids supplements, feed ingredients, specialty feed additives, and fertilizer nutrients for animal and plant nutrition.


Over the years we have built strong relationships with manufacturers around the world in the pursuit of the highest quality, reliability and consistency from the products we offer. This focus is the common thread connecting all of our partners together. Every product that we supply is carefully manufactured, tested and stocked to ensure that we can provide customers with the highest possible confidence that their needs will be met.


We are continually updating our product portfolio and expanding our offering, but if you do not see the products you are looking for please let us know. We provide value-added strategic sourcing for our customer's unique product needs and are happy to discuss your requirements.

Our Products:

EU approved non-antibiotic, growth promoter

HCOOH·HCOOK----Potassium diformate

Ca(HCOO)2-----Calcium Formate

C4H7NaO4----Sodium hydrogen di(acetate)

KDF, SDA, Calcium Formate--3 major healthy organic acids,

Alternatives to antibiotics, focus on gut and immune health, 

Addressing the reduced global use of prophylactic antibiotics.

Especially for(Poultry farming, Feedmill, Aquaculture, Animal husbandry, Fertilizers)


1-Realizable product functions:

Antimicrobial effects

Increases feed intake

No residues Decrease ph

Excellent feed conversion

Secure and easy handling

Strong anti-microbial effect

Promotes natural microflora

Increased growth performance

Promotes the natural microflora

Reduces coliforms and salmonella

Improves digestibility of nutrients

Decreases coliforms and salmonella

Increase secretion of digestive juices

Promotes a stable and normal microflora

Improve the activity of digestive enzymes

Reduces diarrhea and phosphorus excretion

Optimum safety for humans and the environment

2-Visible business benefits

Alternatives to antibiotics

Shorten feed time

Gain weight

Cost less

Gut immunity

Promote growth

Feed intake higher

Good Feed conversation ratio

Antiseptic, mildew proof and fresh-keeping

Antibacterial, bactericidal and bacteriostatic.

800M West of XuanZhangTun Town Government,QiHe,China.


Oversea Market E-mail:gfiyang@sina.com

Welcome more your communications with us.

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